Why Drupal and why Mark-a-Spot?

The selection of the Drupal distribution for Open311 Mark-a-Spot with the usage of VoIP Drupal modules for voice and SMS interaction was considered the best option to reach the project objectives and future scalability. Key advantages of Open311 plus Drupal include:
• The existence of a direct connection to the Open311 community;
• The fact that Drupal CMS allows the team to rapidly prototype a scalable pilot with resource efficient development effort;
• The existence of a set of modules and tools that allow the localization of the solution for the Maputo context.

Thus the technology supporting the PSMS ICT platform is a combination of Open Source tools that were selected to address the specific needs of the service in Maputo. Building on a project named Mark-a-spot which was based in Drupal and specifically designed to implement citizen reporting services in cities, a new tool was created: Ntxuva. This is the generic term for the software platform; a more specific branding exercise for the Maputo PSMS will be undertaken as part of the communication component of the field pilot.

Ntxuva is a combination of Drupal, Mark-a-Spot and Drupal VoIP, which enables users to submit issues identified in cities through a normal cell phone using SMS or Voice, but also through computers using Web Browsers or through smartphones using applications.

Ntxuva also provides total integration with external systems by respecting the Open311 standard and by enabling users to access its information following the Open Data philosophy.

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